Brickshelf closes down 2007/07/31

Well, it looks like there is both good and bad news on Brickshelf. I still don't know why it is closing, but it seems more certain: the site has opened with a somewhat more informative message stating

"Notice: Brickshelf will be shutting down on 2007/07/31.
Please save your files to your computer."

So it looks like one of my favorite LEGO sources, a place where more than a decade of wonderful building has been cataloged, and the only source of some of these images on the net (from folks who have left the hobby for one reason or another) is soon to be no more. The slightly good news is you have a final chance to grab at least the stuff you already know where it is... before it is sadly gone forever. Gallery contains 1,907,738 files in 197,568 folders as of 16 Jul 2007, 3:28 PM... a really terrible loss.

I'm not sure where I'll move for my on-line image hosting. some have suggested, but given this rather sudden departure of Brickshelf, I'm not sure I'm confortable with that route at this time. Flickr? Others?

Update, 4:07 PM: there is a bulk backup utility, developed by Bob Kojima, that you can use to download and save Brickshelf galleries. BZPower is hosting it currently, and you can download it here:

Note that it can be configured to pause between downloads, and also I believe can be scheduled to download at certain times. Please, if you use this, put a couple of seconds in the "seconds between" field so that the server is not swamped by a thousand simultaneous requests. Thanks to Bob for writing this, BZPower for hosting it, and Brickshelf for giving the community this window... as well as many many years of wonderful service!

Brian Davis
(who now has to figure out how to patch hundreds of links in this blog, other forums, etc. But I'm certainly not alone on that count).


Laurens Valk said…
Could you add this link to your post? It is a very useful tool, and some people don't read the comments.
With this tool you can easily back up all your files stored on brickshelf...
Laurens Valk said…
It looks like the Blogger software cut the link in half...

It can be found here:
Unknown said…

you can use HTML also in your comment and write it as a clickable link like this.
Anonymous said…
What pictures do you want saved?

I have 700mb that I will back up.

I need links to accounts.

Brian Davis said…
Thanks for the offer, Scotty. I've actually grabbed all of my stuff personally, but if you or others know of specific BS folders that you think should be preserved, please grab them (or suggest favorites here in the comments). Note that some groups (among them FBTB, a net oriented towards LEGO Star Wars, and Classic Castle .com) have started semi-organized drives to archive BS accounts that those communities find inspiring or worth saving. In some ways, we NXTfolks have less of a problem... the subject of our obsession is only a shade over 1 year old, so there's not to much "old stuff" out there.

Brian Davis
Eric D. Burdo said…
Rather humorous (yet sad) post by The Brothers Brick about the end of BrickShelf.
Anonymous said…
If people do start having requests, what if we all spend $1 USD on a 500MB CD, and back it up!

Later we can upload them.

I have room on Flickr to back up all of the pictures on Brickshelf, I just need a way to upload them all.

Also, some of the pictures are copyrighted so I do not want to get in any trouble.

If any body has any thoughts let me know.

All the best,

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