Building Instructions using Google SketchUp

Yesterday Lou posted about Google SketchUp. A while ago I started to use this software too. I have been busy creating building instructions for my brick sorter.

The instructions can be found here:
- In Adobe Reader (.pdf format) (2.3 MB)
- In Microsoft Word (.doc format) (4 MB)

Maybe you want to give Google SketchUp a try now you have seen this.


David Levy said…
It would be great to here from anyone who is familiar with Sketchup, LDD, and What are the conceptual differences?

Does Sketchup allow you to snap pieces together?

what are the differences in their approaches to bi generation.
Laurens, very nice instructions! I'm very glad to see what can be created with SketchUp. Thanks!

Like David I'm am interested if SketchUp:

1. Is easier/quicker than using LDraw/MLCad. Limitations in comparison.
2. If there is a 'snap' positioning of parts I read there is.
3. If the parts are modeled correctly. As close to exact replicas as one can get. Are there any parts that do not fit correctly due to improper modeling?
4. How were the BIs generated? Can you brief me on the automation vs. manual things that can be accomplished? Did you use an image program later to position the steps, etc.
5. How large are the program, file, and BI sizes? What's the file extensions?

Can you write a small 'HowTo' for the whole process? Not overly detailed.

I'm going to try SketchUp this weekend. I've used LDD a little and I have used LDraw/MLCad for about 9 years. I would like to make a good comparison.

Anonymous said…
Very very cool Laurens. Please do more and keep sharing them!!

Anonymous said…
Chris, let me know what you think about Sketckup. I think I can get it free since I am an educator (just need a letter from my school principal). I would like to make drawings/construction instructions of the robots the kids build for FLL.
Anonymous said…
I'll answer your questions on the forum.

Linda Zoe,
>>I think I can get it free
>>since I am an educator.

The software is free for anyone. The pro version is not. I used the free version and this seems fine.

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