Google Sketchup & LEGO NXT

Google's Sketchup is a free software application used to create 3D models. Although the LEGO NXT Collection is somewhat limited, many parts have gradually been added to the library.

The following models were created using Google's Sketchup software:

Check out some NXT parts at:

LEGO NXT Mindstorms Components

If anyone gives the Sketchup app a go, let us know what you think!


David Levy said…
Yet Another LEGO CAD Tool

I added a new forum for Google Sketchup if anyone is interested in posting some of their creations
Robolab 2.9 said…
I can work SketchUp, but I can't upload the LEGO parts as components. I can upload other components, just not the LEGO ones. Can anyone help?

And I know Laurens is doing some work in SketchUp, maybe he'd like to show us?

Fay Rhodes said…
I've contacted PRWhite, the creator of the NXT Parts in the 3D Warehouse and asked him to check out this thread. PR has been very responsive to my inquiries in the past and, I'm certain he/she could be very helpful on this topic.
Unknown said…

robolab 2.9, I've created most of the NXT-related component sets that are on 3D Warehouse. Can you describe the problem(s) you are having?

For reference, I have created a guide to importing the full set of components here:
Lego Component Library Installation
Anonymous said…

I was just about to do a post about Google SketchUP :-).

Anyway, I have created full building instructions for my brick sorter using this software. They will be uploaded this afternoon!
Eric D. Burdo said…
If you poke around the Google 3D Warehouse, there are some other good Technic pieces (just not tagged as NXT).

Personally, I'll wait to see what folks say about Sketchup and the LEGO BI stuff. I am not quite ready to tackle it yet... maybe if things look promising.
Robolab 2.9 said…

Thanks for the reference. It seems I had it, and it was just that the parts were too far away so you couldn't see them so I thought it was a problem in uploading.


This is developing into a very nice and interesting alternative. I left a comment in the newer discussion.

I'm going to give this a whirl this weekend and make some comparisons with the other CAD programs.

I'm only a bit worried about part quality. They sure look nice though!

Anonymous said…
I used Google SketchUp to make all of my CAD drawings on NXTLOG (username RoboHeadProgramGuy.) You really need a fast computer (unlike mine) for complex designs to be better. It is also tedious in design. Since it is not made for LEGO, pieces do not snap real well. I love it, though. The picture manipulation is very good. I really like the controls. It is probably the best I have ever used.

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