Improved NXT Robo Arm

Someone has posted a video of their new, improved version of the original NXT Robo Arm. See if you agree. The video is here.


Anonymous said…
Um, HELLO? Is Rick Rhodes the only one with a computer? Or did everyone else forget their passwords?

....Please? (echo)

Good point... it's been a slow news week (maybe a month), but we'll see what we can do.

Brian Davis said…
Some of us are getting ready for things like NI Week as well... there's the question of how much time to spend generating content, vs. how much time to spend trying to dig out others content :-).

Brian "quality over quantity" Davis
Anonymous said…
That's awesome. I'd love to see some instructions on that, or at least some more high-res photos, it's a treat design.
Anonymous said…
yeah, instructions would be pretty nice to have.

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