LDD Building Instruction samples and .lxf file

In a post earlier this year, I wrote about a small bot I built that would be able to participate in RoboCup Jr. This IRBot and all its parts had to fit in a circle with an 18cm diameter and could not exceed a height of 22cm. The IRSeeker sensor would detect the IR ball used in the competition and the Compass sensor could be used to give the robot a sense of direction and better comprehension of the playing field (where is the competition's goal relative to my position and orientation? where is my goal?)

The robot I built used HiTechnic's IRSeeker sensor and the Compass sensor. Now, LDD does not yet have HiTechnic's sensors included in the palettes, but that didn't stop me from creating some building instructions for it with LDD. You'll just have to substitute the Compass and IRSeeker for the Light and Sound sensors shown in the steps.

You can download the (zipped) .lxf file here.

And you can download the 3MB zipped file containing 28 PNG images containing the steps to build this robot here.

The robot may not be that impressive, but consider that it took me less than 30 minutes to build it using LDD and another 30 minutes to take and crop screenshots of the 28 building steps. In about 1 hour, I've been able to not only design a simple bot in LDD but also create fully functional building instructions for it that can be shared with anyone who wants to build it... modify it... add on to it...

I'm also providing these building instructions to show you how easy it is to create them for places like NXTLOG and other websites. Instead of just a few photos, try building your robot in LDD, take some screen captures using the Building Instruction Player (a tool in LDD) and uploading the images to NXTLOG or other and let others try out your design.

Have fun.



Anonymous said…
I want to build the JR Soccer robot using the IRSeeker and Compass sensor. I have the programming blocks, but I am so new at programming that I don't know how to build the NXT program to help the robot know where it is in respect to the other players and how to see the IR emitting ball. Help!
How about starting a discussion in the forums on this? You'll probably get some good ideas and maybe a sample or two.

I'd start by asking the question and then thinking about the following:

1. How do you get the robot to quickly and efficiently turn towards the IR source?

2. How do you get the robot to determine the best location for placing itself with the ball between the goal and robot?

Bill said…
Jim, I will follow your suggestion about the forums. I created a log site called "greatmagicrobots.blogspot.com" It is out there in never-never-blog-land. I don't know how anyone will find it. I am looking forward to you next book coming out later in the summer. I hope it will cover programming and wiring sensors in NXT-G.
The new book was just released today! And yes, it does cover wiring.

Bill said…
I haven't had the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy the Myan Adventure. I know the story is more for kids but I enjoy it and I enjoy building the robots and putting them through their paces. I am really looking forward to the new book. Keep up the good work.

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