Jul 7, 2007

LEGO Education Clearance Sale

LEGO Education has the ROBOLAB(tm) Starter Kit on sale for $198 USD.

This kit includes:

Contains more than 1600 elements, including:

  • 3 gear motors
  • 1 micro motor
  • 4 light bricks
  • 3 light sensors
  • 4 touch sensors
  • 14 wires (including two really long ones)
  • 5 full-color building instructions
These items are RCX based, but you can use the motors and sensors with a RCX->NXT Converter Cable.

This also includes the storage kits (as seen in the picture). It's a good way to increase the number of RCX pieces and stock building parts, all in a handy storage unit.

And, since it is Clearance, the sale is "while supplies last".


Kirk Backstrom said...

You can see an inventory of this set at BrickLink. Use this link:


peter hoh said...

Aw, I was hoping this would stay secret until I could justify the expense.

RO1000 said...

Interesting! I might want to get it, since I have 2 RCXs. I hope they still have it during Christmas.

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