A LEGO sorting machine

Do you remember that brick sorting robot I wrote about a while ago? Well, finally it has been finished. The video will explain how it works. For more information and pictures, you can go here.


David Levy said…
That's amazing. I could have used something like this last week as I had about 2500 pieces to sort!
Anonymous said…
Brilliant! This is the first brick sorter I've seen that can actually do it's job without having the bricks "pre-sorted"... or at least fed in one at a time by hand. Question: how many sensors does it use?
Andy said…
I can answer that, three, 1 Phototransistor, 1 RCX Light sensor, and 1 NXT light sensor.
Andy said…
I forgot to say, it also uses the internal rotation sensors of the NXT. I don't know if that count for your question though :-P
And yes, this is amazing!

Rick Rhodes said…

The entire mechanism, from top to bottom, is very, very cool.

I like the way you break things down and explain each model on your web site as well.


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