LNE Escapes!

I actually popped this up on YouTube some time ago, but only included a little footnote link to it on an earlier blog post. Someone recently reminded me about it, and I realized that some of you might not have seen it... so here it is.

I'm not sure what LNE will end up doing next... keeping him in may end up taking a moat :-).

Brian Davis


Robotica said…

well nxt see if it can overcome obstacles on its own without a remote that flips the front tracks.

David Levy said…
Very cool.
I was wondering how the front tracks are flipped? Is that what the u-sensor is used for?
Also: Is there a special behavior that kicks in when the robot is flipped?
Andy said…
Lol, yeah, make it AI next time Brian ;) And as Martyn said, impressive! Even though I've seen that video once before :P

Brian Davis said…
Actually, while most of the video clips that I use to assemble the "LNE escapes" video are remote controled, it can detect and cross obsticles autonomously - it uses the US sensor to position itself a known distance from an object, then uses the flippers to "feel" for the height of the object before deciding if it is small enough to try to cross it. It can also use the Hitechnic acceleration sensor to judge the body angle, both preventing it from flipping or activating a self-righting routine if it does find itself on its back. My original goal had been to give it a lot of ways to sense its environment, but it turns out it's been easier to try to interprete just a few.

Brian Davis

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