MCP 2.0 Application

Yesterday I got a mail form Steven, informing me that unfortunately I did not make it into MCP2.0. He had received many applications from many interesting people and it has been hard to choose.

On the LEGO MINDSTORMS news page the announcement for applying to the MCP2.0 is removed, see also the post of Fay on Thursday, July 05, 2007.

MINDSTORM Community Partners Taking Applications
MINDSTORM Community Partners (MCP) is a group of volunteers working with LEGO to develop and test "new ideas, concepts, prototypes and products". If you would be interested in volunteering as an MCP, LEGO is accepting applications. More information is
here. The deadline is July 10th.

I'm wondering who else made it into the MCP2.0 (but be carful with the MDA).


Eric D. Burdo said…
Alas, once again, not I. *sniff*

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