MINDSTORM Community Partners Taking Applications

MINDSTORM Community Partners (MCP) is a group of volunteers working with LEGO to develop and test "new ideas, concepts, prototypes and products".

If you would be interested in volunteering as an MCP, LEGO is accepting applications. More information is here. The deadline is July 10th.


And before any teenagers out there, like myself, get too excited, you have to be over 18 to apply... :-(

Andy said…
Dang!!! And I hoped that I could help! :-( Well, thanks for telling before I was going write it! You saved me for 2 minutes of writing :-P

Anonymous said…
Why would LEGO publish this add through Brick Brothers instead of through their own website? I couldn't find a press release anywhere!

Is this genuine?
Rick Rhodes said…

The press release is genuine. We confirmed it directly from LEGO.

I do not know for certain why teens are excluded, but I can speculate. My guess is that LEGO needs adults to sign confidentiality agreements, with respect to new products under development. But that is only a guess.

Lol, well yeah as Rick said, the MCP's have to be confidential and everything, so it's reasonable that they don't want minors signing up... :-)

Anonymous said…
If you're accepted as an MCP, is that position permanent, or do you hold that position for a "phase" (such as 1 year)?

- Curious
Brian Davis said…
First, yes, a position on the MCP is not "life long" - it is generally for a term of (if memory serves) one year. And then *everybody* (including those of us that have been with this from before the MCP) have to re-apply (it is, after all, a community - not an exclusive club).

Second, the reason Brother Brick and similar put this up is likely because of the LEGO Ambassador program - there were "releases" of this information at various places (such as LUGNET) via the ambassadors, so it was released by LEGO... just not via a formall press release sort of style.

Brian Davis
Kirk Backstrom said…
The request for the "MCP 2.0 application" mentions wetware. Can someone please explain this term in reference to the NXT? Thanks.

Damien Kee said…
Wetware has a few different meanings.

In biologically inspired robotics, this tends to refer to simulating biological process in software. Eg modelling the hippocampus to do SLAM or the cerebellum for system modelling.

It can also refer to the skills necessary to take information from sensors and use them appropriately, typically done by the human brain, but in this case I think they are referring to the NXT.

eg. If a human starts falling over, the inner ear tells the brain that it is falling over. The wetware (brain) is then responsible for telling the legs to move accordingly to maintain balance.

Thats how I see it :)

Kirk Backstrom said…
Thank you very much for your explanation.


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