Mindstorms Robot as Painter

This artist uses a Mindstorms robot to create paintings on canvas. (The article isn't clear on what version of Mindstorms he uses).

The top photo is a picture of himself with his rig. The middle photo is a painting of his wife created by the robot. The bottom photo is the actual painting apparatus: a wheel of colored, wax sticks that "paint" on a heated canvas. The artist programs the robot to paint the dots in particular locations, as the apparatus moves in rows up and down the painting. The article about his work is here.

Could this be done with an NXT???


Laurens Valk said…
The article isn't clear on what version of Mindstorms he uses.

It wasn't until 2003 that he discovered Lego's Mindstorms robotic system and started creating art with the new technology.

It was probably no NXT, since he 'discovered' it in 2003. Also, they mention 'robotic system', which is quite similar to 'Robotics Invention System, which is the name of the old Mindstorms.

Could this be done with an NXT???

If it was an NXT, yes. If it was a robot with an RCX, yes, because the NXT is even better :-).
Rick Rhodes said…

Your reasoning is the same as mine.

However, the first part of the article mentions his "new" Lego robot. So, maybe his robot is newer than we think. Or, maybe it's only "new" to him.

Rick Rhodes said…
There's an email address of the artist on his site. I'll email him and see if I can get more details.

(I've already asked him if we can use his pictures on our site, as they're copyrighted).

Anonymous said…
Clearly Mindstorms stray towards the impressionistic genre.... :)
Rick Rhodes said…
If I remember correctly, the article about the artist says that he's seeking a grant to help make the robot more accurate in its renderings.

Regardless, my own painting skills are vastly inferior to those of this robot.
Tom Lohre said…
Hello All, The RoboLab version is 2.5.4.B. I look forward to going to NXT. The painting robot flies by the seat of its pants. I just about burned my self out getting the large 16” x 20” painting done before the opening. Two switches gave me real trouble. I look forward to reducing the size of the wax stick and making a better holder with tolerance around 1/16”. Using the “Get Pixel Color” command drives this machine. The image of the program is an early version. Next, I want to use the camera to take a snap shot, locate a group of pixels and reduce the group to one of eight colors by posterizing it, then go to the next section of the live image. I like your forum. I am sure I will use it and view it. I have been using Lugnet to great success. Thanks for the interest. http://tomlohre.com/lego.htm
Rick Rhodes said…
Thank you, Tom.

We'll appreciate any future updates that you can give us. And good luck with your opening!

Rick Rhodes

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