New Book ordered

A companion to the Orange Book was released in March 2007 - maybe called the Gray Book? I've ordered a copy through and will post a review when it arrives.

The Orange Book is one of those "must have" books - read my review of it here.


Tim said…
what about the "black" book - it's on along with the "orange" and "grey" book.
I reviewed the Black Book in an earlier post - I didn't find it as good a book. Take a look at my review for more details, but the Black Book is not by the same author as the Orange Book. Completely different styles of writing and building.

Anonymous said…
My Japanese is rusty but from what I can tell from the Japan Amazon website, it's more oriented to programming the NXT. Looks like that in addition to NXT-G, NBC is covered. It also covers other NXT software for CAD. The book is aimed at the intermediate-advanced level. The Amazon sneak preview of the inside of the book looks pretty cool! However, it also looks as though there will be more text than the Orange Book. BTW, thanks for pointing out the Orange Book. I also ordered it from YesAsia and I also believe that it's a must have book inspite of it being only in Japanese. The abundance of color pictures makes up for it. I find it inspiring.


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