New Brickshelf News...

It seems a lot of support messages (& a heck of a lot of server traffic) have been coming in to Brickshelf over the past couple of days, which seems to have shifting things a bit. From the Brickshelf main page:

Notice: Brickshelf will not be shutting down!
We will be offering "featured" accounts for $5/month shortly.
We have received hundreds of supportive emails in the past few days including many who said they would like to contribute financially but did not know how. This has had us rethink the practicality of charging for enhanced features.We plan to do this without reducing current functionality for free users. Thank you for your enormous show of support. IMPORTANT: do NOT try to download the entire site, it causes major problems, slows things down for normal users and you will be permanently blocked. We will make older folders public again after we see the crawlers go away.

Further points as they happen...

Brian Davis


Anonymous said…

Happy Brickshelfing to all,
Anonymous said…
Where do I pay for a featured account?

They said the featured accounts will be coming shortly, so you probably can't get them anywhere at the moment.


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