NIWeek and your questions

Well, it's been almost a year since the release of the NXT retail kit. Since then, we've seen a lot of things happen, including the development of third party languages, third party sensors, and third party books. This begs the question - "Where is the LEGO stuff?"

Next week, I'll be at NIWeek with various other MCP members, and we'll have the chance to sit down with LEGO and talk. Do you have questions? Well, let's hear them. Keep them short, please - but I'll collect them and share them with LEGO and see if I can't get some answers for you - similar to the last Q&A with LEGO that had some great questions, even if some of the answers were a little vague ;)

I've collected some of your (edited) questions already (see below), but feel free to post your questions as comments to this post and I'll do a follow-up when I return from NIWeek.


* Are there any new instructions coming out for Robocenter like the clock and DJ machine?

* Will Mars Expansion Pack be updated for NXT?

* When will we be able to load video on NXTLOG?


Unknown said…
1. Will MINDSTORMS v 1.1 work on the retail version also?

2. When will we get more detailed information on what is changing in MINDSTORMS v 1.1?

3. Will NXT-G blocks created in LabVIEW be able to take advantage of MINDSTORMS v 1.1?

4. IS NI going to release an updated NXT Toolkit, or are the vi's not changing?

5. Is anything being done to increase the accuracy of the motor synchronization?

6. The release date for MINDSTORMS v 1.1 has been pushed back to October. Is there a firm release date, or is it possible it will be delayed again?
Ethan Steckmann said…
Will Nxt log have you tube videos imbeded or host movies on there.

Will The RCX work on vista( i tryed it and it doesnt work HELP)

Will there be mindstorms V 1.2 and on

Anonymous said…
Are there any plans to bring out addtional NXT sets?

When should we expect a hardware revision to the NXT?

Are there any plans to incorporate any pneumatic components in the Mindstorms platform?
Eric D. Burdo said…
When can we expect some new LEGO expansion packs for the NXT?

Mars Mission
Extreme Creatures
Sports pack
Ultimate Designers pack

Stuff like that. With new parts, extra parts, new projects, etc.
Anonymous said…
When will there be a new MINDSTORMS system. Will it be backwards-compatible?

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