NXT-G Programming Guide: A Review

This book is a detailed treatment of the NXT-G programming language. It's clear, easy-to-follow and non-intimidating for those new to NXT-G.

The book is a primer on programming in general, not just the NXT-G language. The first three chapters explain what programming is and how to construct a basic program.

The rest of the book is a detailed explanation of NXT-G. Each of the basic NXT-G blocks is covered, as well as data hubs, variables and "My Blocks". Lesser-known blocks are covered as well, like the "Keep Alive" block, the "Reset Motor" block and the "Send Message" block.

The configuration panels of NXT-G are covered in detail, with special attention given to sensors. The book also covers math basics, x/y coordinates and sounds in NXT-G.

There is no book on the market like this one. No other source provides the depth of understanding of NXT-G that this book does. Beginners will learn much, and advanced users will learn something new.

Those new to programming and/or NXT-G can do no better than to start with this book.


Anonymous said…
This book and others from Apress.com can be purchased as pdf files for about half the cost of the hard copy.
Anonymous said…
Yeah that works but if you decide to print the pdf out it costs about 10$ or 20$.


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