NXTasy.org announces Challenge #3 - The ANxT

NXTasy challenge #3 is finally announced! Your mission will be to build an NXT ‘Ant’ or ‘ANxT’ in short.

The full details, rules, submission procedure, deadline etc. are here.


Unknown said…
Well, that challenge is rather similar to a a part of the one presently running on NXTLOG, isn't it? There you are encouraged to build either an insect-style or a insect-abolishing robot, so one could build one single (ANT-like) robot and enter it into both challenges.
Anonymous said…
matthias, there is some similarity, at least 20% of the grade in NXTasy challenge has to do with the way your ANxT resembles an ant. For the rest of the 80% of the grade - you can make a robot which does not resemble an insect at all - and win.

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