NXTLOG "Quadruped Challenge" Winners

The winners are here.


AceZero1 said…
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AceZero1 said…
I love the simplistic approach that the winner took. It looks easy enough to build. The only thing I would be concerned about is how smoothly the robot could walk.

It may not be pretty, but there sure are a lot of additions to it.

Rick Rhodes said…

I also wonder how smoothly this robot would walk.

There are some astounding creations on NXTLOG, and many of them no doubt work as advertised.

But it would be nice to see more NXTLOG robots citing links to videos of their performances (via YouTube, for example).

I realize that not everyone has a video camera. But videos are a good way to see if a robot actually works (or doesn't).

LEGO does not allow people to post links to videos on YouTube...only links to personal pages hosting videos. YouTube has too many problems adhering to age-appropriate material. Stuff that LEGO does not want to subject young children to while visiting links from their sites.

The NXTLOG operators are working to host videos on the site allowing people to upload videos for their bots. It is in the works although it is something that might be far down the road.

With this said (or written) You can, as others have done, create and upload Animated GIF files which are more stop-action than high frame-rate videos...but, we can work with what we have so far. It just makes the things we do get all the more appreciated when they do arrive.

NXTLOG Moderator
Rick Rhodes said…
Thanks, Chris.

The prospect of NXTLOG-sponsored videos is certainly something to look forward to!

Anonymous said…
I wish my sister hadn't destroyed our camera- I might of have been able to enter my walker. Oh well.

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