pbLua and BT GPS

Readers of this blog know that Ralph Hempel has been developing a very nice language called pbLua for the NXT based on Lua, and he recently put up a very nice page on using Bluetooth within pbLua. Not only that, but as the demonstration he networks the NXT with a Navibe GB735 GPS receiver so that the Lat/Long information can be parsed by the NXT and displayed on the LCD screen:

Using a Bluetooth GPS with pbLua

This is actually something that opens up a variety of outdoor options, such as the SRS Magellan event to LEGO robotics. To my mind this is a major accomplishment (I mean besides the fact that pbLua is small and very fast), and allows some significant flexibility to be incorperated into your "sensors" (in that now some off-the-shelf BT devices can be incorperated with no external wiring or modification required). Thank you Ralph!

PS- the avalible version is now Beta 13c, released today. If you've been using pbLua, upgrade - there are some significant improvements.

Brian Davis


Ok, this is Awesome! Gear up. I see some very cool NXT inventions on the horizon.


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