POLL TIME! - What language do you program your NXT with? And Why?

Several of the contributors have been going round on the merits of various languages. And we all have our favorites.

The question I have... is what is YOUR favorite programming language for the NXT? And why?
  • NXT-G
  • RoboLab
  • pbLUA
  • RobotC
  • leJOS NXJ
  • ???
Please post your favorite language (and why you use it) as a comment. I'll compile up some statistics at some point in the future, and publish them here.


Anonymous said…

Because it is fast, easy to use, very little bugs, saves a lot af space on the NXTs memory, and some nice functions in RobotC itself (Debugger etc.) There are some more things, but I can't think of them right now...
Anonymous said…
Microsoft Robotics Studio / C#. Why, because I *like* pain.
Unknown said…
NXT Python. Why? Dynamic languages kick butt, it's portable, and my computer has near infinite resources in terms of memory and processing power. Being able to display graphical output and have greater interaction opportunities is a bonus.
Brian Davis said…
NXT-G, because it's a facinating language with a really amazing amount of power hidden within it. I like that many programs, when done properly, seem very elegant at a block level. And a well-designed MyBlock becomes a new element in the language itself. Also, because it is completely on-brick.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
NXT-G for the same reasons as brian and i have no idea how to work any other language
Anonymous said…
RobotC, because it is fast and memory efficient.
Anonymous said…
Labview, I can get more from it than NXT-G, make the programs smaller and view far more elements on the screen. It is also less buggy than NXT-G and it is free (student edition) via a form on the NI website- you have to wait for a CD.
Anonymous said…
CindyScript... because it's cool and easy.
Unknown said…
HI, I'm sorry for my bad English. Now I use nxt-G... But I could change language.
Please can you write me which are the other languages for Mac computer?

Anonymous said…
I use NXT-G because I try to teach my son some programming. NXT-G is much easier to learn for kids than C-like or Java.

I bought "The Mayan Adventure" to make it even more interesting for him.
Ethan Steckmann said…
this isnt part of t
e poll but i have a question or two does anyone know of a basic software that would work with the nxt so i could learn basic and use it on my nxt and my basic stamp boe-bot.

also i have no clue were to start on learning a second programing style other then nxt-e/nxt-g is the devinci book teace you about how to linstle each program and the teach you about it or does it just give you the sample codes if it teaches you then i will have to buy it.

also i know that this is craze but is there any way to use the ris program suite on the nxt.

Anonymous said…

It's easy to use, quick, and extremely powerful.
Unknown said…
leJOS NXJ, cause I'm into the object-oriented paradigm.
For programs that need language constructs that are missing there for the interim (it's alpha still), I use NXC.

NXT-G is good, but very clumsy to use when it comes to programming complex behavior (which usually involves a lot of low-level constructs). NXT-G programs tend to become rather unhandy there (in terms of development effort).
Anonymous said…
1 I don't know any other languages
2 If you get good at it I think it can do just as much as the other laanguages
Anonymous said…
leJOS NXJ, because java is object-oriented and it allows for greater complexity in programming.
Haytham Alaa said…
Hi All,
I use client-server model.
NXT-G on Robot side (fixed program)
why? cuz it's graphical... I'm not a kid but I still like graphical coding.
MSRS on Computer side...
why? it offers a good Service Oriented Architecture... the down-side for it is that not all samples are well implemented... LEGO NXT is one of those bad-implemented samples..
Anonymous said…
NXT-G, because it is very easy to use, and with some practice, complex program can be made with it. The memory is not a problem, since they have different ways toreduce the amount of memore used in programs and also because you can expand memory by deleting sound files and such. If they ever came up with NQC for NXT (Not NXC or anthing simular, just the plain amazing NQC) then I would think that is best, but that isn't developed yet. (Oh, well)
Anonymous said…
I'm surprised that NXC isn't more popular. I wonder why?
Anonymous said…
So far we have:



RobotC 2

(I counted the previous comment as one for NXC)

Microsoft Robotics Studio / C# 1

NXT Python 1

Labview 1

CindyScript 1


(Keep commenting please!)
Lejos NXJ, because NXJ is Java. NXJ has a lot of features and it is possible to increase the possibilities with iCommand. I agree with the opinion that NXJ is bit hard to start programming in compare to NXT-G but when your programs begin to be more complex, a programming Languaje as NXC or NXJ will help you, because you can organizate your logic better. I like NXC because it has Bluetooth communication but in a future, NXJ will have this feauture but NXC is not a OOP Programming Languaje.

Code with NXJ is "Guay" because if you want to learn OOP, Java, UML and other Software Engineering concepts is a good beginning.

Juan Antonio Breña Moral
Unknown said…
laurens valk, robotics studio != C#

another vote for the C# here

why? Cause its so easy to make remote controllers there (thx to Mindsqualls =D)
Anonymous said…
Nxt-G, for the brick.
Roborealm for the computer and camera, cause its the only thing I can find to use advanced sensor functions from a camera.

Anonymous said…
I'm using pbLua only!
I hate OS-dependant compilers and like to interact with the system at a simple way...

pbLua-console works perfect via USB and BT, just using a terminalprogram (OSX-ZTerm)

Eric D. Burdo said…
Wow... lot of responses. I guess I'll jump in too (since I started the poll).

NXT-G for now.

Looking at: Microsoft Robotics for PC control, and leJOS and RobotC for the NXT brick itself.
Mauro Vianna said…
I use NXT-G because I wanted to try a graphical language. Fast to program and easy to use.
But it's memory hungry and dificult to deal with math due to wire handling.
I would like to try something like NQC which was my favorite for RCX.
Anonymous said…
NXC - It is full featured, fast to compile / load and with Bluetooth gives all the control needed.
Anonymous said…
I find it much easier than NXT-G, but I can use the standard firmware and so still use NXT-G programs.
Also, NXT-G runs very slow on my computer.
Anonymous said…
I use NXT-G.

I might try Labview if I can get it free.
Anonymous said…
I like NXC. Will look at RobotC soon though.
Matt Dyer said…
NXT-G, because its easy to use and powerful underneath. However it lags badly when using large programs. I'm going to switch to NXC soon.
Anonymous said…
Here's an update on the poll:

1. NXT-G: 14
2. NXC: 4
3. Lejos NXJ: 3
4. Tie: Robot C and Mocrosoft Robotics Studio at 2
5. One vote each for NXT Python, Labview, CindyScript, and Pblua.

Oh yeah, for all you contributors, I e-mailed you on details of how (and if) I could become a contributor, but no-one seems to be responding. Could you check you inbox? Thanks!

I did get your email, but I get probably a dozen requests per week from visitors wanting to join as a contributor.

There are no guidelines for how we issue an invite, but we typically do so when we see someone contributing not only via comments but also elsewhere on the internet, either via their own website or in other ways. We like to find contributors who have a niche or special skill or interest.

We're glad you enjoy the blog and want to participate. I can't speak for the rest of the contributors, but I typically do not respond to emails requesting to be added as a contributor - I get too many of them and, quite honestly, we're getting a little picky now that our number has grown. I'm sorry that we can't issue an invite right now, but we enjoy your comments and let us know of any special projects you have in the future and who knows...

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Unknown said…
Labview. why? It's easy to use, easy to learn, for free and fun.
Anonymous said…
MindSqualls + C#

Since I made it, I can't really like somethink else better ;^)
Damien Kee said…
RoboLab 2.9, NXT-G and RobotC.

I do a lot of teaching and find the graphical languages the perfect way to introduce kids to programming structures.
Anonymous said…
Programs are easy to make and they are supported in NXTLOG. I do like NBC also beacause of the quickness of downloads, etc. I just haven't had a chance to use it much.
linuxbox3000 said…
PbLua because I can program from my phone

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