Programming Language Poll - The Results Are In!

Here are the totals from the Programming Languages Poll.

NOTE: If someone mentioned MS Robotics Studio and C#, then this counted in both the Robotics Studio and C# counts. Some people listed multiple languages, so these got counted each time too.

The winner (by far) is NXT-G. I think this comes from the fact that the NXT-G software ships with the retail kit, and is the first programming language most people see when the use the NXT.
  • NXT-G - 15
  • NXC - 5
  • C# - 3
  • leJOS - 3
  • RobotC - 3
  • Labview - 2
  • MS Robotics Studio - 2
  • Mindsqualls - 1
  • NXT Python - 1
  • pbLua - 1
  • Robolab - 1
  • Roborealm - 1
  • CindyScript - 1
I fully expect to see new books (both traditional books and workbooks) available soon for many of these languages. Many of the alternative languages are under active development, so I think they'll just keep getting better and better. And LEGO itself is working on updates to the NXT-G and the NXT firmware.

UPDATE: Ulli posted a link in the comments to the CindyScript language and and example of how it's used with the NXT. Thanx Ulli!


Anonymous said…

I was the one who voted for CindyScript... actually there are currently only two people who ever used this for the NXT, because nobody else knows it... however, it's the software I used to control the robot in my gravity controlled robot video. Basically, it's a scripting language that is primarily for mathematics, in particular geometry, and it is documented quite well. We added several new functions, for example nxtmotor(i,speed) and nxtdistance() that allow for communication with a bluetooth connected NXT. So, no upload to the robot, but a very quick development cycle.

Eric D. Burdo said…
Thank you for the update Ulli. I always like to see languages adapted to use with the NXT.

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