RISbotics Nominated for Eindhoven's Pride Award

I recieved word today from an FLL team called RISBotics that they've been nominated for the prestigious "Eindhoven's Pride" award. Eindhoven is one of the major cities in the Netherlands, and a major centre of engineering, industrial design, sports, and technical universities.

Now that the team has been nominated, they compete with four other nominees for the most votes to become the winner of the award. This is no easy thing to get - the other nominees are big, well known associations. Last year's winner was a World famous soccer team. So RISBotics is asking everyone to vote for them, which you can do by going to the competition website, here. Select "RISBotics", enter your name and e-mail, and click "stem" (which I suppose is the Dutch word for vote). They estimate that they need about 10,000 votes to win, so let's give them some support!



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