ROBOT magazine Fall 2007

The Fall 2007 issue of ROBOT magazine is out and it has a very nice article on the 2007 FIRST Championship held in Atlanta in April 2007.

One of our own contributors, Jonathan Daudelin, and his team, Built on the Rock, are mentioned in the article along with their 3 perfect scores and the awards they won. The article highlights the FLL challenge but also goes on to show what students have to look forward to as they move up in age.

It's also nice to note that ROBOT magazine is giving a subscription discount to students and educators - you can read about that here.


Rick Rhodes said…
Congratulations, Jonathan!

Anonymous said…
I'm in there too! In letters to the editors, the one by "Scotty"!

Eric D. Burdo said…
Congrats to srobot too!

And if you don't have a subscription to the magazine, get one. I did about 3 months ago. Worth the money.

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