Sticker Generator for LDRAW and MLCAD

Scott Wardlaw has created a sticker generator program for LEGO models. The program takes bitmap images and converts them into files that can be used in LDRAW and MLCAD.

The top photo is a screen shot of the program showing the bitmap image to be converted. The bottom photo is the converted file, used as a sticker on a CAD-generated model train. (Click on both images above to see more detail).

I haven't used this program; however, if it works as advertised, it'll make a nifty addition to LEGO designs.

The program download page is here.

Scott would appreciate any feedback you have for his program.


Eric D. Burdo said…
I just downloaded this. :)

If you read the Lugnet thread, it looks like Scott is working on some improvements already.

I think this could be a big boost to the LDraw community.
Rick Rhodes said…
Just a little more elaboration re: the utility of Scott's program:

1) Take a close-up, hi-res photo of any picture or decal you have. (Any camera with 3 or 4 megapixel capability will work fine).

2) Convert a .bmp image of your photo to a .dat file, using Scott's program.

3) Place that sticker on your model in MLCAD.

4) The sticker and model can then be digitally shared with others, as separate files.

If you want a physical sticker to put onto your actual model, you can print it out, using letter-sized paper with adhesive backing. (This is available in any office supply store).

If you print out the sticker, make sure your print it out at 300dpi, in order to make it look good.

That's a lot of steps to go through to make a physical sticker, but some nice artistic touches can be added to your models in this way.

Rick Rhodes said…
Forgot to mention that you'll need to run your sticker image through a renderer (like POV-Ray or LDGlite) before you can print it out at 300dpi.

Just printing out an MLCAD image won't get you a quality print job for your sticker.

Some print screen utilities, like "Gadwin Print Screen", will let you print screen shots of your MLCAD image in 300dpi. (But not all print screen options will do this).


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