Update on NXT Telescope

Back in June, Rick posted a writeup about a picture showing an apparent NXT telescope... there were some questions about it, but not much real information. Well, we're happy to point you back to the comments section because the builder, Rob Seaman, has posted some more details.

You can read the original writeup and Rob's comments here.


Rick Rhodes said…
Fascinating, Rob.

Please keep us posted on your NXT efforts.

"LEGO parts that mate with competitor's"...Now there's a useful idea to think about. :)

Brian Davis said…
Mating with competitors products, while it might be handy for folks who like us sometimes want to build with anything avalible, might not be the best economic strategy. Opinions vary on that of course, but given that every other "building block toy" really loves to mention "compatibility" with "other (but for legal reasons unspecified) brands", it would appear this is a good thing for the lesser products... which perhaps implies something about it's viability for other (again unspecified) producers in that environment.

Brian Davis

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