Voice control for NXT

The description of this video said that the following software was used:
-VR Commander (15 Day free trial)

I have tried VR commander, It works quite well. I have not used it with the NXT.


Anonymous said…
I've tried something very similar to this but I used a Bluetooth headset to control the NXT directly, it was a bit more limited than this but it still worked.
haytham said…
i've tried something like that but the robot didn't recieve anything from the laptop via bluetooth so i need help how to connect the nxt with the laptop via bluetooth.pls reply on haytham_breaka@yahoo.ca as soon as possible. i got the program of NXT voice commander from this link: http://www.leggor.de/content/nvc/nvc0.html
so u can download it from their to understand me well and help me more.
Unknown said…
I can't find the download of VR Commander, and this link isn't working.
Unknown said…
I can't find download of VR Commander, i want to know if have any substitute, or if you have the serial, thanks.

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