WIN & Blast Off for Space Camp!

The LEGO Company is teaming up with Cartoon Network and Space Camp to send 10 very lucky kids to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama! Each winner can bring a friend, and both can bring a parent, to celebrate Space Camp's 25th Anniversary of making galactic-sized dreams come true.

Winners will take part in space training, simulated team missions, rocket building, and even robotics with their friends and parents. They'll learn all about space stations and the Space Shuttle, try out astronaut food, find out how to sleep in zero-G, and much, much more!

There are 2 ways to win...

Watch Cartoon Network during the week of August 6 to find out how you could win the ultimate Space Camp experience! On Monday August 6th the Cartoon Network's "Mars Mission" homepage will also have information on how to win!

A Mars Mission teaser page at

Good Luck everyone! I kinda want to go myself...But me'kiddies are far too young. =(



Myles said…
he he he.... cant wait for the info on how to win. Cartoon network has cool contests. I actually won some rare black Nsect toy. 100$ toy I won for free!! :-)
Brian Davis said…
You and me both, Chris: I've dreamed of SpaceCamp since before the slightly cheesy movie of the same name. One of these days... well, if they need any MUP/MDP/MCPs at any NASA center, just let them know I'm avalible :-).

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
You get to play with spaceships all the time though, don't you Chris :-)
Eric D. Burdo said…
Brian, if you get to go, don't forget to bring along some "consultants". :)
I play with insides of space ships. But, I still don't get to camp at work. I'd love to go someday. The good thing is that this program has been around for it is likely that I may get to go when my kids get older.

If my work was something close to this video I wouldn't go home. That's just too much fun to miss.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info!! I called for my son (he was watching Ben 10 at the time) and he won the Eagle Command Center and another prize!!! What was cool is that they really didn't tell me he had won (they wanted to speak to my son and then informed him he had won, then to hand the phone over to me to get the shipping address and phone number). They also informed me my son was entered into the Grand Prize drawing on Monday!!! Thanks a bunch and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Space Camp trip!!! LEGO ROCKS!!
Anonymous said…
WOW!!! My son, Danny won 2nd place in the Cartoon Network Contest! We were told he would be entered in the Space Camp drawing. He is so excited! He ordered a Space Suit last year from Nasa and wears it all the time. He even had it on when he was told that he had won tonight. His dream is to be an astronaut. His hero is Jim Lovell Commander of Apollo 13. He dressed as Jim Lovell in a makeshift astronaut suit and told about Jim Lovell and Apollo 13 in a classroom report when he was in the second grade and after the report sent a picture of himself dressed as Commander Lovell and sent it to him via email and Commander Lovell actually replied personally to his email. He can't wait to receive the Lego's. He's had plenty of Lego's but his favorite Lego sets were the ones he purchased at Disney when we vacationed there to ride Mission to Mars on the 3rd day of it's opening. His Grandfather is involved in Nasa's JPL and shares alot of interest and enthusiam with him about the space program. He has many commerative NASA pins and patches, space DVD's and photos. LEGO your the BEST for promoting this wonderful event!!!
Anonymous said…
plz wut is the number i missed it
Wow, I'm glad to hear some news of possible Space Camp trip winners. My wife saw the number and tried without success. However, our children are too young anyway.

Please, report back here if anyone does get a winning trip! ...and then send me any pictures you could allow me to post.

Anonymous said…
Can someone post the number? We lost the sheet we wrote it down on, and now my son is furious with me for not letting him call right away. Thanks!

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