Wish List 2.0

Back in March 2007 I posted an item asking for readers to submit their Wish Lists. I organized this list and presented it to LEGO at FLL 2007. Since then, I've received positive feedback about the Wish List and (I'm promised) there will be some feedback shortly on it.

That said, in a recent discussion with LEGO, I was told that LEGO not only appreciated the Wish List, but that they want to do it again. I was told that LEGO wanted a way to listen to its fans/customers and to also possibly respond. So, here's your (2nd) chance.

I've created a new discussion section in our forum called "Wish List 2.0 Discussion" and in there are two posts. One post sets the rules for posting. The other post is where you'll actually put your Wish List items.

LEGO has told me that the Wish List doesn't have to be limited to just hardware... software, firmware, and other products related to NXT are all allowed.

Please take this opportunity and let LEGO know what's on your mind. I guarantee they'll be looking in on this discussion and you never know who might respond. I'll continue to push for some feedback on Wish List 1.0, but for now, we'll start with a clean slate. LEGO has expressed their desire to know what we, the customers, want from MINDSTORMS in the near and far future, so don't hold back.



Anonymous said…
I would like a true castor part. I visualize a small ball (about 1 cm in diameter) surrounded by a hemisphere shaped case (a little bigger than a half-shell so that it curves back inward to keep the small ball from falling out) and a single peg connector coming out of the top of the shell. This would allow true 360 degree rolling for the third wheel of a three-wheeled robot. A regular wheel castor (I've built several designs) requires you to align the wheel everytime you start a mission (FLL) to get consistant directional results.
Anonymous said…
I want top to bottom programming, not this left to right programming.

Also I want text programming for I can post it in forums. Maybe it could be like EasyC where you can 'block it', or 'text it'.

But you should be able to 'paist' it in to the code.

I want feedback from the servos, like the Robotis Bioloid, where you can get feedback on temp, speed, torue, and more.

All around more programming fetures, like more 'stock' blocks.

In NXT-G 2.0 I will want to import 1.0 code.

I want to inport 1.0 3rd party programming blocks.

I want better CAD software. In LDD 2.0 you can not make stuff like the "NXTLiftBoy".

I like how you can see what parts you have used in LDD 2.0.

Maybe have three kits, one for robot newbies, an upgrade for the people who have NXT 1.0, and a kit for advanced users.

Anonymous said…
If you read Jim's note it says to put your suggestiosn in the forum - Jake
Anonymous said…
I would like to see more information about the NXT processors.
Rick Rhodes said…
I'd like to know why LEGO retail stores don't sell Technic parts in packs, even though such packs exist.

Maybe it's just my retailer in MA, but this particular LEGO franchise sells no Technic parts of any kind, only the Technic kits.

Surely they could stock a few Technic packs in every store?
AlexD said…
Many thanks to Lego for the LDD package with NXT parts. I would like to request that more technic parts are added, and publication and part purchases enabled for the technic parts as well (with the exception of the electronics of course... maybe)

As Jake mentioned in his comment, these types of requests need to go in the forum. They will get lost as this post moves out of the way and gets archived.

LEGO will most likely NOT see these requests in a few days time.

Joshua Heinzl said…
Rick - that's because those items are exclusive. Only LEGO stores and TRU can get them. Wish I knew why. If they were smart there would be no exclusives.


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