Another FLL Opportunity

I just received the following message from Fred Rose, founder of INSciTE. INSciTE, as some of you know, is the organization that runs FLL in Minnesota, Illinois, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mexico, India, Turkey and Switzerland.

"INSciTE and the University of Minnesota will co-host the international High Tech Kids FLL Open, May 1-3, 2008, at the University of Minnesota. This event is targeted to host 80-100 FLL teams from around the world. This event will take place at the Sports Pavilion, FieldHouse, and Radisson Hotel on campus. This event is not replacing the FLL World Festival, held in Atlanta, but it is another international opportunity for teams (different teams than go to Atlanta). "

More FLL is always a good thing. And this event is happening in my own neighborhood! Happy, happy days!


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