Idea Book supplemental information

In anticipation of the Idea Book's release, I would like to point you to a couple of resources I've created for the robot I designed for the book.

My robot is called 3DPhotoBot and it will allow you to create 3D images using a single digital camera (a standard film camera will work, but requires the extra steps of developing the images, including one in reverse).

I'm making available a tutorial on how to use the robot in both Flash and QuickTime formats. Just download the one you want and double-click it to run. Both are zipped files and are less than 2.5MB in size.

When the book is released, I would like to ask a favor from those who choose to build the robot - if you've got a 3D image that you're extremely proud of, please send me either the Left and Right images OR the red/blue anaglyph image (see the tutorial for an explanation). I'm going to have a webpage created where we can share and display these 3D images.

(The tutorials are identical, so just pick the one that works best for you.)



Rick Rhodes said…
For those who are planning to buy the book, I highly recommend that you download Jim's tutorial about the 3D Robot.

I just looked at the QT version, and it's clear, easy-to-follow, and step-by-step.

Jim gives the same instructions in the book. They're just in a different format in the Flash video.

Anonymous said…
is not on pre-order any more at Heres the link.
Anonymous said…
I tried to order the Idea Book at Amazon today and was told it would be 2-4weeks still.
Brian Davis said…
I'll have to contribute to this as well - I already have some subjects in mind, actually, but I'll end up submiting two pictures. The red-blue technique is intersting, but depends on having special glasses... and I'm one of those folks who can generally fuse the images manually (without glasses or screens).

Brian Davis
Rick Rhodes said…
There's a chapter excerpt of the Scanbot here:

Click on the book's title under the "Coming Soon" section.


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