LEGO Digital Designer 2.1 Now Available

Download here.


Rick Rhodes said…
Folks who have earlier versions of LDD should be able to update to 2.1 by merely opening their program and clicking "Yes" to updates.

Anonymous said…
Just downloaded Mac version and installed.
It is same version as last month 2.2.6, parts 38.4

Why the post?
Andy said…
There is also a v2.2, I just downloaded it at my grandfathers computer after I cut his grass (to earn more money to spend on LEGOs ;-).

Rick Rhodes said…
Thanks for pointing this out.

I had an older version of LDD on my computer; hence, I thought 2.1 was "new". :(

Anonymous said…
How did you get the NXT brick, motor, and other pieces on the LEGO Digital Disigner? I can only find the bricks.

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