LEGO Turns 75 Tomorrow

For a short history of the company, go here.


Joshua Heinzl said…
Happy anniversary LEGO!
Andy said…
Happy birthday LEGO!! Leg godt! (Play well!) Yup, thats what the word LEGO comes from :P If LEGO keeps up the good work they will eventually turn 200 years soon ;)

NXTMonger said…
Happy birthday LEGO!!!
Um, do the years I've spent playing with it add to it's age? If so, it's turning about 82!
Unknown said…
It says here: "Germany is Lego's most important market, with an 11.9-per-cent share of the toy market. In 2006, Lego sold some 300 million dollars worth of toys to Germany."

Interesting, considering the fact that LEGO's NXT-related efforts on the German market are minimal (almost unnoticeable) so far, compared to the ones in the United States!

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