Aug 10, 2007

LEGO Turns 75 Tomorrow

For a short history of the company, go here.


Joshua Heinzl said...

Happy anniversary LEGO!

Andy said...

Happy birthday LEGO!! Leg godt! (Play well!) Yup, thats what the word LEGO comes from :P If LEGO keeps up the good work they will eventually turn 200 years soon ;)


NXTMonger said...

Happy birthday LEGO!!!
Um, do the years I've spent playing with it add to it's age? If so, it's turning about 82!

Matthias Paul Scholz said...

It says here: "Germany is Lego's most important market, with an 11.9-per-cent share of the toy market. In 2006, Lego sold some 300 million dollars worth of toys to Germany."

Interesting, considering the fact that LEGO's NXT-related efforts on the German market are minimal (almost unnoticeable) so far, compared to the ones in the United States!

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