(A Small) Update on the NXT

Last week, a couple of us met with an executive from LEGO, who gave us information on new products and services. While we can't yet be specific about the details, we can tell you this:

1) The MINDSTORMS NXT is doing well in the marketplace; hence, LEGO is completely committed to the NXT's long-term development.

2) Some already announced products are coming soon, like version 1.1 of NXT-G. Others will come later.

3) Some new NXT products will come from other vendors. Even though these products come from somewhere else, it doesn't mean that LEGO hasn't assisted in their development. LEGO continues to work with a variety of vendors, to ensure that the NXT stays relevant and unique.

We'll continue to update you as SOON as we can re: these new products and services.

Fay and Rick


Brian Davis said…
One more point on some of these tidbits... please don't think that this is LEGO working in a vacuum. A lot of the things that could be coming along have stemmed from community requests or feedback. So yes, you *are* having an effect. At least as far as I can tell :-).

Brian Davis
Joshua Heinzl said…
Can you request for sensors and other nxt add-ons (rechargeable batteries, wires, etc) to be normally available in stores? That'd make getting them easier for everyone.

Brian Davis said…
We can (and there are certainly LEGO folks reading this, so you did :-), but that's sort of a problem from a distribution standpoint. For instance, I think most stores have a say-so in what they choose to stock, and high-cost low-volume items are not really desirable, so they might not want to do it, even if LEGO allowed that channel.

Brian Davis
One more interesting observation...

A local store manager decided not to carry a very popular product since it was never on the shelf when he walked past. It also seemed that the product was so popular that people often complained that it was never stocked. Empty shelf problems? The speed at which the item was stocked was very much slower than the speed at which it was purchased. Not smart but very true!

David Levy said…
I had posted some questions on the forumn related to NXT updates.

see http://thenxtstep.com/smf/index.php?topic=89.0

It would be great to get some suggestions on what to upgrade. I.E will the 1.1 release include all the other updates that have been posted in the past?
Anonymous said…
Wireless video add-on would sell well! (HiTechnic could package one as they have done so well with their IR sensor...)

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