Mayan Adventure Parts Pack shipped

Just saw a posting in our forums from Engineers of Tomorrow - apparently the Parts Pack for my Mayan Adventure book has shipped and some are receiving it now. Here's a link to the posting, including an itemized listing (and part count) of all that's included.

For those not familiar with this, it's a package of pieces that LEGO Education has released. The Mayan Adventure book was written using the NXT Retail Kit and certain parts are NOT found in the NXT Education kit - until now. This Parts Pack provides the pieces needed to build the five robots in the book for those who own the Education Kit.


Rick Rhodes said…
This is great news.

While the three parts packs that LEGO sells are good, none of them have Hassenpins.

Also, 7-hole beams are in short supply in the retail kit, so these packs will be appreciated by retail buyers as well, even if they don't use them for the Mayan Adventure.

Rick Rhodes said…
Here's the link to buy the "Mayan Adventure" Parts Packs:

(Just double-click on the link until it turns blue, then copy and paste the link into your browser).


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