Meet Eugene Tsai: LEGO "Renaissance Man"

Few, if any, people in the world have three businesses which all revolve around LEGO products. Eugene Tsai, a project management professional with an electrical engineering background from Taiwan, is one such person.

Fellow contributor Fay Rhodes and I had a chance to meet with Eugene this week and to learn about his work.

First, Eugene owns an after-school workshop for kids who want to learn more about the NXT. Eugene's students have entered robots in the World Robot Olympiad.

Second, Eugene uses LEGO bricks to teach project management to engineers and other groups:

Third, Eugene is a certified, LEGO Serious Play (LSP) facilitator, who helps companies build stronger teams and develop better business strategies by using LEGO bricks. Eugene's work with LSP has been featured in The Economist magazine:

Eugene's web site is here. Most of the site is in Chinese, but some of it is in English. We hope to be working with Eugene in the future in a variety of areas. He's an inspiring example of how one can "build a life" using LEGO.


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