Aug 8, 2007

A New LEGO Marketing Strategy?

Details here. :-)


Rick Rhodes said...

Turns out that the giant figure was part of some Dutch art exhibit. How it got into the sea remains a mystery.

The exhibit's web site is:

Robotica said...

Look below for more images

Rick Rhodes said...

Of course, this story wouldn't be complete without a video:

Brian Davis said...

Well, I'll look at the news and further pictures later... it apperas that the bandwidth limit cut in (did it get /., or is this just the "normal" media overflow?).

Brian Davis

Rick Rhodes said...


I just checked the video length on my end and it works fine.

I'll try to find another link.


Rick Rhodes said...

Here's another video link for the "Giant Lego Man".

It seems to work better than the first one:


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