NXT Encourages Blind Students to Pursue Careers in Science and Engineering

Hi all,

Rayshun Dorsey from WizKidz Technology Centers, a Georgia non-profit organization, called my attention to what I consider a very interesting way to use our beloved NXT:
"Hello all, and thank you Matthias. Our organization WizKidz Technology Centers www.wizkidztech.org is working on developing the capabilities of blind students to design, build and program robots primarily using the NXT.
We are working with the National Federation of the Blind as well as the Center for Visually Impaired and have been making strides with the program.
I am currently looking for help, ideas or suggestions on writing a NXT programming language using the brick itself. I laterally went through and wrote down every function I can think of from the brick and printed in braille to help the students master the sequence of the brick programming itself. It has been a steady but difficult task. Is there anyone that can offer input, or is there a sequence command list for the brick that includes possible programs?
From the PC we are able to use RobotC in braille, but I want to focus more on programming from the brick itself. Please email me at rdorsey@wizkidztech.org Thank you all for your help."
Dear me, that's great!


Anonymous said…
Hi, a very good choice for blind people is pbLua directly at the NXT.
All Braille-Devices and Screenreaders support a standard terminalprogram at textmode (typically hyperterm).

I've tried it with my blind college and it works excellently.

Hexitex said…
When I was at school (many years ago) there was a simple programming language called Logo. This may be a good implementation for programming directly on the NXT and should be easy to program using NXTG if you only went for the simple command set.
Anonymous said…
Rayshun is a great guy who gives a lot of his time to help students in the Atlanta area. Any support or suggestions you may have for him is truly going to a good cause!

Rayshun, have you considered using some duplo or system blocks. Each size block representing a differnt command. That way they can make their own programs. Transferring that to the computer in NXTG is the hard part.

If you want to learn Logo let me know, I can hook you up with a class at GA Tech.
Anonymous said…
Logo is a quite good idea :D
I've added a similar API to pbLua, I call it robot.
Basic commands are for kids (my daught is 9 years old):


With this simple commands, people are able to control a Lego Mindstorms NXT via terminalprogram.
The idea is based on:

Problem: not useful for blind people ;-(

Hi, I have know Rayshun since he wanted to teach Blind kids to build robotics. Mr. Dorsey is very committed and passionate in what he does and he is very dedicated to making kids strive to become the best that they can be.

Wether he is teaching blind kids or kids that has no challenges at all they are treated the same . He believes anything is possible.

I am so happy that he is finally gettng the recognition that he deserves...and he does deserve it!!

I feel honored to know him and I am so estatic that he was recommended to be on this Blog.

To have someone on your team like Mr. Dorsey is a blessing because he gives 150% and you are never dissappointed!

Way to go!

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