Aug 28, 2007

NXT-G 1.1 Reports are Coming In

Jim German over at reports that user info is coming in re: NXT-G 1.1. In a word, 1.1 appears to be "a lot faster and a lot less buggy".

Can any FLLers out there give us their own feedback?


Jonathan Daudelin said...

I just ordered my copy, so I'll post about my findings when it gets here.


Scotty Rippel said...

Rick Rhodes -

I know that the font you used in the NXT-G 1.1 picture is a standard font, but since it is not one that is in NXT-G 1.1, can you please change it?

It is the same color and font that iLegoWorld uses, and I feel that you have copied it.

If you would like to email me please use the contact form on iLegoWorld.

Thank you,
--Scotty Rippel

Brian Davis said...

Seeing as how you are both using a public font, that neither of you has any prior claim to, and he's not even using the same color (check, it's different), and your blog only went live less than a month ago, I very strongly suspect he did not copy it, nor do I see any convincing reason to change it.

Brian Davis

Anonymous said...

WHAT?????? since when is blue a copied color???? the things people complain about!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious?! It looks like a standard Ariel or Courier font in blue. Plus it is from another blog called motocube who posted the original image it looks like. Blogs do this, you know.

There are better ways to get your website noticed Scotty than telling our friends at The NXT STEP that they're stealin' your font. Get over it.

Jake from Austin

Anonymous said...

Scotty has an even bigger problem because he's using the word LEGO in his website name. Plus it's not even in uppercase. I smell LEGO lawyers around the corner! sounds too much like a legit LEGO spin-off, me thinks. Better change it before LEGO sees this and emails you a polite shut it down letter ;)


Jim Kelly said...

Man, I step out for 30 minutes to run to the post office and come back to this :)

Okay, everyone take a deep breath... let's calm the situation.

Scotty, the graphic you see isn't ours - we're just sharing a post from (Jim G.'s site). It doesn't look like he intentionally took your font or color... Jim's a good blogger and I'm sure it's just coincidence.

Jake, Dave, Anonymous - thanks for coming to our defense. Everything is cool.


Rick Rhodes said...

This is what I get for being lazy. I used Jim's G's graphic over at Motocube without even checking on its origin.

Scotty, I checked your web site and the graphic and/or font doesn't match the graphic that Jim G and I used.

Nevertheless, Fay will make another generic graphic for this same post. It'll be up in a couple of minutes.

And if I catch anyone copying it, I'll sue. (Just kidding!!)

Rick R.

Anonymous said...

CAn some comment here or in the other NXT-G 1.1 thread whether they are using 1.1 w/ the retail kit? Here is what I posted in the other NXT-1 1.1 thread.

"I called LEGO Education and asked if this upgrade worked on the retail kit. They weren't certain but felt that it would not and that perhaps retail division had it's own upgrade planned. They then sent me to LEGO Consumer resources. I spoke w/ someone in software issues. He said that he supports 1.1 and since he is at LEGO REtail, the upgrade must work on the retail kit. Sort of a round about way to say that yes the NXT-G 1.1 works on the retail kit but he seemed a bit confused. If someone finds out something different, please post."


srobot said...

I did not mean for this to happen.

I am NOT trying to get noticed by starting a flame fight.

Lego(TM), can not stop me from having my website, I in no way clam that I am Lego, or officially represent Lego in any way!

I only wanted my comment to be a friendly comment, just saying that so people do not get mixed up you should remove or change the picture.

I hope you have taken no offence.

All the best,

Edit - Thanks for changing the picture! yeah, the color is different... I guess that's what I get for being lazy... :) See you around!

Rick Rhodes said...

Anyone out there know the answer to Sybil's question?


Anonymous said...

Can the moderator please delete all the flam that has nothing to do with NXT experiences so the public doens't have to read through it????

ps: delete this msg too so people don't ask about what was deleted.

Brian Davis said...

Well, I don't think there's a great reason to delete the (off-topic, but somewhat informative) debate, but getting back to Sybil's question...

I very strongly suspect that the 1.1 will end up being on the retail as well as educational side of the equation. The additions and improvements to the environment are basic, and the only difference between the retail and educational version is some of the content plugged into them (different pre-programed robot plans, and a slightly different set of basic blocks which can be added later in any case). I do not know when a "retail version" would be availble, but I'm 95% certain it would be exactly the same editor, just slightly different content.

Brian Davis

Robert said...

one resource that I seem to be missing! Where do you get it

Anonymous said...

I installed the Lego Education NXT-G 1.1 update on a machine that contains the Lego Retail 1.0 version and it works fine. It creates a separate set of directories, which means that both 1.0 and 1.1 versions can be run. As expected the Education version has the Education user interface and does not pick up the blocks from the 1.0 version. I took the install defaults which meant it didn't install the 1.1 update into the 1.0 directories. Regards. Colin.

Dean Hystad said...

Brian is correct (as usual). With V 1.0 you could go to the MINDSTORM website and download the extra blocks that the education software had. You could also download the models and lessons. Or if you had the education version you could download the retail models.

I would get the education upgrade to 1.1. If you really like Spike and Alpha Rex you could make copies of the files before unloading the V1.0 software. I think the robot academy stuff that comes with the educational version is far superior.

Anonymous said...

Well, well you learn something new everyday! I had no idea that you could download extra blocks from MINDSTORM that didn't appear in one or the other. Is there someplace which details the differences so I know what to look for? I do recall now that in Jim's programming book he mentioned that if you were using the eduction kit, the screen would look a bit different.

thanks Dean!


Brian Davis said...

The extra blocks ("legacy blocks") can be downloaded here:

Note that if you are running 1.0 you will also need to download and install the dynamic block patch to allow you to import blocks (on 1.1 I *think* this is already built-in, and very nicely done actually).

I don't remember whwere you can download copies of the robot center content from... anyone?

Brian Davis

Anonymous said...

For those interested, I called LEGO Retail division again and found someone knowledgeable this time. They are finalizing the retail NXT-G 1.1 upgrade and it should be available "any day now." She went and got the official word which is "any day now." Ha Ha Ha.


AlexD said...

I installed 1.1 both as an upgrade to NXT Edu 1.0, and as a fresh install. Both claim to be 1.1 seem to work fine, although I have not tested them thoroughly.

I must stress that 1.1 OVERWRITES the NXT Edu installation, unlike the case reported with the Retail upgrade. My guess is that the Edu upgrade just writes in the Edu original directory, and the retail upgrade (when available) will overwrite the retail directory. On the other hand, it preserved my 1.0 expansions, like block import/export and installed external blocks, remove bad wire, etc. I can insert external blocks in a program. However I have not tested the external blocks to see if they compile/work in the in the new version.

A nice feature that I just noticed is that it remembers the palette between restarts, so if you ended up using the complete palette, it does not get you back to the common palette, as 1.0 used to do (I think).

I did a few simlpe programs, but I can't tell any difference. Next I'll try line following and see what happens.


Scotty said...

please remove all comments about the "i", see site...

yeah, and they let them have, which I did not know about at the time I started my site...

if you see il@goworld any where let me know, i must "remove it"...

and, yeah you thought it was an easy way of get rid of il@goworld, i'll be back...

Jim Kelly said...


It's probably better to have LEGO ask you now than face any kind of legal action down the road. I've faced this issue myself before, and I certainly understand LEGO's position now - they have a name, a brand, and various products to protect, so don't take it personally.

Pick a new domain name and let us know when you're back up and where we can find your resources.


Anonymous said...

What is the "remove bad wire" I've been reading about? I had a program once that kept giving me a "bad wire" note. I finally deleted the program and started over and that fixed the issue.


Brian Davis said...

It's a completely unofficial (but sometimes rather useful) addition to the NXT-G environment. Take a look here:

Brian Davis

Anonymous said...

AHHHH thanks! That program would have solved my problem.

Anonymous said...

Im very happy with NXT-G 1.1! Much more stable, faster, and better scrolling.


Anonymous said...

is it free?
please emal me

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