NXT Responds to Voice with Life-Like Movements and Sound

This NXT responds to a voice with life-like movements, plus a voice of its own.

There's a video of this robot on a Japanese web site, but there is no direct link to it in English. To see the home page of the creator, go here. Then:

1) Click on the "See the Site in English" link.
2) Click on the "As for details" link.
3) Click on the "As for Exhibition Work" link.

After clicking on the "As for Exhibition Work" link, just scroll down to see the video of this robot, as well as four other amazing creations by this NXT "artist".

A recent US television program, "Scientific American", reviewed research on making robots so endearing that they invite human interaction. This NXT is just such a robot.


Unknown said…
Hello, I tried to go to this robot, but the guy who owns the website changed his website, thus, your instructions don't work anymore. So, can you please comment where his robot is NOW?

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