NXT "Robot Wars" at NI Week

Pictured above is the NXT "Robot Wars Challenge" board at NI Week in Austin, TX.

Several of our blog contributors attended the event this week. We're looking forward to pictures, information and impressions of NI Week, courtesy of the blog contributors who attended. (Hint, Hint.....).


Micah E. said…
The picture looks like the same course as last year... didn't they mix it up a little? Or better still, come up with a new challenge?
Rick Rhodes said…

I took this picture from the 2007 NI Week Program. The organizers may have put the 2006 picture in the 2007 program. Or, the course may indeed be the same as last year's.

The conference attendees can clarify this when they return.

Pics and commentary are coming, I promise. Brian Davis, Chris Smith, and myself were present and will provide some details. I'm extremely tired and need to catch up on email and some work.

Brian took a LOT of pictures, and he has plans to post some (or all) of them when he gets a chance, so please be patient and we promise to talk about our experience.

Brian Davis said…
"Brian took a LOT of pictures..." Yeah, I was pretty annoying, wasn't I ;-) ? I've got around 200 pictures to sort and filter, but I kicked off the subject in a post above. The table and challenge were very different from last year, and a good bit of fun (in the "crashed robot" shot in the first NI Week '07 post, you can see some of the table in the background... no tearing up robots was not part of the challenge :-) ). It allowed for head-to-head four-team rounds, which were a lot of fun to watch. DAZLR was a huge hit (running down the batteries completely at least once) as were LNE, and a number of creations from Steve Hassenplug and Bryan Bonahoom.

PS- Huge rock-crawling vehicles do not do well in RoboSoccer... until they literally crush or disable all the competition, anyway ;-).

Brian Davis

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