NXTLogger: a BT Datalogger

Guy Ziv over at NXTasy has written a nifty little utility called NXTLogger that will allow the NXT to dump data from an NXT-G program directly to a nearby PC using the BT link. I've had a lot of fun datalogging with the NXT, but I've done everything on-brick: not having Guy's skills, I'd not tried this approach. But it looks like it works great - I've been corresponding with him on this a little, and I'm anxious to see what others think of this. In addition to several advantages Guy mentions in his post, there's at least one other I think folks will like: In an educational environment, the very rapid upload and analysis will be nice to have, when every moment counts in a classroom setting. This is a beta version, but he tends to write some very stable applications in my experience, so please give it a try... and let us know what you think, what your experiences are, and what improvements or modifications you think would be handy.

Brian Davis


Anonymous said…
Thanks Brian for putting this post. I just wish to clarify that if is a beta version as long as nowone else tested it except myself. If is stable (on my computers) as far as I know. There is a discussion topic in NXTasy forums for questions/comments/suggestions on this tool. I intended this tool to serve mainly educators - so please give it a try. It writes CSV files you can read from Excel.

The main difficulty using this approach is making BT connection from the NXT to the PC, and finding out which is the correct serial port (one can test all of them till logging works - that's the easiest way...).

If you have ideas on improvements - please use this NXTasy forum topic.

Guy Ziv
NXTasy Editor, MCP2
ballebensin said…
Hi Guys,
I'm looking for a simple answer for the following related item:
1) Do You need the Labwiev 8.5 in order to make this work ?
2) How should I make a program in NXC that can read 1-3 sensors and continusly send them to a file on my pc (the reasin for not uplading from the NXT is that the memory is too small for my planned project)

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