Pictures of 2008 FLL mat and challenges

Tom W. was kind enough to take some pictures and email them to me... thanks, Tom, for being the first to email me with some pictures!

The mat definitely looks a little different, doesn't it?


Anonymous said…
The names of the mission models are:
House + roof solar panel
Hydrogen car
Dam + Flood
Railroad + rail car + coal
Oil platform
Power lines
Wind turbines
Power plant
Solar power satellite

Some of the mission are obvious, most are not. The cooperative/competitive mission looks to have a unique twist this year. Let the speculation begin....
Thanks for the extra info, Tom... I think that's half the fun - trying to figure out how all the challenges will work.

I'm hoping this year's theme will be a good one - alternative energy sources are fun to study.
Anonymous said…
Hi Jim,

I agree that guessing the missions is half the fun. Previous year's challenges have been pretty obvious--it has been clear where all the models go and it is just the details that were up for debate. This year is different. Placement of some of the major models is unknown and their function is not obvious. There also appear to be a ton of deliverables, retrievables and transferables (?). New twist on base too. However it works out, it looks like a fun course.
If I had to guess, I'd say the robot must start in the upper left corner (in the picture). The blue/black appears to be a road and I'd also guess that's one method for getting the robot to navigate to the particular challanges.

The rules come out in early September, I think. Guess we have to wait a month.

Hans Mundahl said…
Looks like an interesting and different challenge!

Question - why the month difference between when the field set up kit ships and the rules?

Can teams practice on the field without the rules for a month?
Anonymous said…
I'm happy to see the large plates. They make the kit parts much more useful after the contest is over. My kids love to build theme-based scenes on the plates.
Micah E. said…

If I had to guess, I'd say the robot must start in the upper left corner (in the picture).

But the base (at least, the area most resembling the base) is right in the middle left of the picture. Isn't the 3M sticker always in base?
David Levy said…
It's hard to see but the home base is labeled in center side box with the big 3M inside.
Anonymous said…
I've been involved with FLL for 6 years now, and this is the first time I've seen the base not in a corner. I envision that the middle placement will have two effects:

(1) All the mission objects are closer to the base, so less time is needed to get to them, leaving more time to do more complicated missions.
(2) For robots that rely on eyeball aiming, they will likely be more on target, since a degree off on aiming is less critical over a shorter distance.

I wonder if the second effect is to help equalize the field for those teams that are still using the RCX, which is less able to keep to a straight line.
LifeLongLearner said…
I'm having a great week learning more about how to program the NXT robot at James Madison University. 40 teachers are participating in the Prism Grant program which is teaching us how to use robots and GPS systems to extend our students' learning in science and math.
David Levy said…
Hello Lifelonglerner,

I'm glad you are enjoying the program at JMU. I had an early role in helping create the purchase order and negotiating a bulk discount from LEGO Education for the 70 NXT sets that JMU received.

David Levy
Education and Outreach Director
Virginia FIRST LEGO League
GeekyTom said…
The base is indeed in the middle, where the 3M logo is. It is labeled as the base in the corners of the box. Not real clear in the photo, sorry for the image quality, all I had was my iPhone.
Anonymous said…
My guess is that the missions will require more loading/unloading of deliverables, so that teams have to return to base at some point in the 2.5 minutes.
Scott Evans said once that when a number of teams start scoring 400--and we certainly saw that last season (with congratulations again to Jonathan's Built on the Rock team)--he goes out of his way to make some of the missions much harder. Granted, the planning on this season started ages ago, but it wouldn't surprise me if Scott saw enough early on to know that FLL was due for a strategy overhaul.

Anonymous said…
You think you can put a picture where everything goes?
Anonymous said…
thank you for info.... I needed this for school...and for the competition coming up in january

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