Some NXT battle/rescue videos from NIWeek 2007

And another:

And another:

And one more:

All videos were taken using the new wireless camera mentioned in this earlier post. I was able to record the video using ULEAD VideoStudio 9.0 and converted AVI to MPEGs.

In a few videos, you're watching the robot rescue "Tie-Fighters" (I think) in a Star Wars mission. The field was setup to perform various tasks using the Star Wars storyline and the field was designed with that look and feel. In other videos, you're just watching Brian Davis and Brian Bonahoom fight it out, shooter vs. tank.


Brian Davis said…
Thanks for those, Jim - they wer all very interesting, and that seems to be a really clear signal on the camera/digitizer set-up you have. As much as I've driven DAZLR around, I've never mounted a camera on it... it's a wonderful view! And the video of the challenge mission (yes, those were "fighters" we were to capture) is a great example of how the mission looks... to the robot. Perhaps cameras like these might be even more useful to teach kids how a robot works than I thought.

Brian Davis
David Levy said…
Now if you can only get the robot to edit the video :)

Great movies!

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