Spike attacks NXT-T

At the Club day in Harderberg, Eric brought several nice NXT models, and an impressive fully remote tank (it even fires and auto load the soccer balls).

We had great fun when Spike attacked NXT-T, a Dino like in the new IR remote Creator set but now build form NXT parts.

More photos will follow.



Anonymous said…
Is it just me who is reminded by the Spike vs. NXT-T of the "Clash of the Titans" and other movies featuring the work of Ray Harryhausen?
Unknown said…
Me too.
But more in the line of the Japanese stuff like "Godzilla vs. King Kong" and all that wonderful trashy sunday afternoon entertainment of that kind ;-)
Brian Davis said…
Eegaad! I just took a look at the single picture of the tank, and I want to know far more! Any other close-ups of this assult vehicle? How about the firing mechanism? It looks like it's built around one of the LEGO RC units (presumably the old one, with the third control... oh how I wish I would have grabbed on of those before it got cut back to the less-expenssive version), but I'm not sure if the cannon functions by using two high-speed tires to "throw" balls, or some other mechanism. Details, and referably combat photos :-) ?

Brian Davis
Robotica said…
Hi Brian and others,

look at this brickshelf page:


the one thing this tank misses is a NXT with the new upcomming Mindsensors Camara, to chaise the a cat... :)


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