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Cirque de Sciences: NXT in Luxembourg

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RoboFest Hawaii

18 year old and Data Logging

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The War of The Worlds - a tripod robot

HiTechnic IR-Link sensor for MINDSTORMS NXT


Resource for Educators Who Use the NXT

NXT Robotics Competition Workbook

New PDF book from Japan

FLL Mission Overview Part 4 - Power Plant Supply

Bot'Oberfest in Atlanta! October 14, 2007

"Double Stamps" Offered At LEGO Mall Stores in US

15 LEGO Storage Options

Challenge Difficulty Levels

FLL Mission Overview Part 3 - Hydro-Dam

FLL Deadline looming

Vernier Sensors - An Update

LEGO Robotics Workshop

Teaching RobotC for Mindstorms

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Step-by-step instructions for Java on the NXT

Behind the scene look at LEGO® TECHNIC design process

RoboCUp Junior Australian Championships

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The Green Monster, Team Hassenplug

Idea Book is out!

LDD file support now in NXTLOG

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Serenity, a robotic LEGO boat

Vernier Sensor Adapter for NXT

FLL Mission Overview Part 1/14 - Roof Solar Panel

Sept 11

New Blog

Using the new Power Function motors with LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT


More Details of JP Brown's "Rowbot" NXT