15 LEGO Storage Options

I quite liked this comprehensive collection of LEGO storage options...

It took me a while to get my kits sorted, but I'm now very happily using the ZAG/Stanley organisers described previously by Peter Hoh and Jim Kelly all those months ago...


For anyone interested in the LEGO storage bins, they have the Large and XLarge ones on Clearance at LEGO Education right now.
Anonymous said…
Has anyone used http://www.roboticslearning.com/store/storage-nxt-fll.html which is made for NXT Education + Resource kit w/ a retail kit + Resource kit? It would be great to have something such that if it got knocked over, the pieces wouldn't spill out.

Anonymous said…

I had the eaxct thought and ordered the nxt-fll box today. I will let you know how it works out.

Anonymous said…
Thanks Patrick.

The Motocube organizer looks like a contender. Does anyone know which company sells it and a part number?

Peter Hoh said…
Sybil, the Motocube organizer is a Black and Decker product, but I was unable to find a source online. More detail can be found at a weetoysoldiers review, but I'm not sure if these are easy to find.

The utility boxes in the Black and Decker rack appear to be similar to Plano 3600 series utility boxes. These are widely available at home centers, sporting goods stores, and Target and Walmart.

The Plano 964-007 is very similar, but without the carrying handle.

Also, take a look at the 1364 4-By Rack System by Plano. It has 4 3600 boxes in a rack, with an extra compartment on the top. That top compartment would be great for holding the NXT brick, the balls, and the other large elements in the NXT set.

A near identical product is sold in their hardware division as 1364-20 Stow 'N Go™ Pro Rack Organizer.
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the information!

Jeri Dansky said…
Rob, I'm glad you liked my list; thanks for the link. I had a lot of fun (and learned a lot) compiling it.
Eric D. Burdo said…
I've found some good containers at the local Home Depot. I have one of the Stanley deep organizers. It works, but my hands are a bit big to be pulling tiny parts out of the deep compartments.

I found an organizer at Home Depot that is similar to the Motocube product. But I didn't buy it when I saw it.. :( I'll be heading back there again this weekend.
Peter Hoh said…
Eric, instead of fishing through the deep organizer bins to get a small part, I dump the contents of one bin onto a larger tray. When I'm done pulling out what I need, I dump all the remaining small parts back into the yellow bin.

Organizing NXT elements for one builder is different than organizing the elements for team building. I'm hoping to put together some more posts on this topic.

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