Another Amphibious NXT

This is a rowing NXT. The performance is pretty spectacular, although it's hard to see the detail because of the distance of the camera shot.

I'll email the creator and try to get more detailed pictures.



Laurens Valk said…
The original (Cybermaster) version can be found
here. It is made by the same person.
Micah E. said…

How did you find out that JP Brown made it? I don't see a link anywhere on his site...?
Laurens Valk said…
It was uploaded under the username 'seriousL3G0'. JP Brown's site is called 'Serious Lego'. But you're right, I am not sure.
Rick Rhodes said…

My reasoning is the same as Laurens'. The YouTube creator of the robot and JP's site have the same name. It has to be JP.

If JP is able to respond to my email, I'll pass along more details.


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