Behind the scene look at LEGO® TECHNIC design process

I have spent a big part of this month robotizing the new LEGO® TECHNIC bulldozer that came out early this month. My children and I have had great fun adding a LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT brick to the bulldozer and managed to control the Power Function motors with the NXT and adding sensors to the bulldozer so it can be semi autonomous. [View previous blog].

I am really impressed by the attention to detail that has gone into the Bulldozer design. Today I came across this brand new video on the LEGO® Bulldozer web site that has just been posted there:

It is an excellent in depth look at the design process that happens when a new TECHNIC model (i.e. Bulldozer) is dreamt up. Click here to view it.

The following still from the video shows various alternate designs of the bulldozer that never made it.

This must be a dream job! What will you design if you have 6,500 different LEGO elements to chose from?

Edit (following DAG's comments):

Sketch models:

Thank you David, for your comments. I have tried to capture the closeup of nearly all of the sketch model the LEGO designer created from the movie. I hope this is what you were after:

(a) Bulldozer 1:

(b) Bulldozer 2:

(b) Bulldozer 3:

(c) Bulldozer 4:

(c) Bulldozer 5: pneumatic version - no motor

Here is a challenge for people who have the new TECHNIC Bulldozer. How many of the above models can you create without an instruction manual?

- Tim


Lol... those are great videos. I love the part where he pulls the string for all those LEGOs to come down. :P

Micah E. said…
*sigh*... the final proof. I've always been pronouncing it technique, but apparently I was wrong. Fine... tech-nick it is.
Anonymous said…
That is a fantastic video. I just ordered the Bulldozer after seeing that - I should get it by end of the week - cant wait!
However, the video is too fast - I wish I could see a closeup of the model that the guy made in more detail..
BlueToothKiwi said…
That is going to be hard - I will see what I can do for you, David.
Anonymous said…
I was thinking the same thing, what a great ad that would make, better than the ad they do use. It made me want to go and buy one as well,,, then my self control and memory kicked in that would be 2 as i bought one when it first came out :P

I wonder how supply will be for xmas?
Brian Davis said…
Regarding viedo of the Bulldozer "in action", there are a fair number of them floating around out there. I've got some close-up video of mine in action, that i'll try to edit together sometime soon and pop up on YouTube or similar.

Mostly, it's of the 'dozer smashing through a wall. As well as a DAZLR-derived Zamor shooter, taking out a wall at about 7 balls per second, only to have the rest of the installation trashed by Packbot driving through it.

Huh. I seem to be slightly distructive now that I think about it.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
I know there are dozens of videos made by people who had bought the Bulldozer. But what is unique about this video is the fact that it is a lego video and features a senior design guy from lego. Thats all.

BlueToothKiwi said…
Thank you 222doc and Brian for your comments.

I had a few offline messages saying the flash video link to LEGO site does not work. If you get that problem, please try again after a while (assuming you have the latest Flash player etc.)
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know what model LEGO based their bulldozer on?

To me it looks like a cross between a Caterpillar D-11 and a D9 with a modified ripper.
Unknown said…
It is Komatsu 475

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