Fay's new NXT book

Our very own Fay Rhodes has her first NXT book being released in February 2005 - "The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Zoo!: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Building Animals with the NXT Robotics System." I have seen almost all of her 9 robots for this book and I can tell you that the younger NXT crowd AND teachers are going to love this book. Here's the link:

The book's description: LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Zoo! offers step-by-step instructions for building nine animal robots with the NXT Robotics System. Using the book's detailed building and programming instructions, kids (and their parents) are introduced to the MINDSTORMS NXT kit as they build animal-like models of a rabbit, spider, peacock, stegosaurus, and more! But these models don't just sit there-they walk, crawl, hop, and roll. The book will also show you how to make the models sound like the real animals that inspired them. Troubleshooting tips help builders avoid common pitfalls and parts lists make sure they have everything they need before building. An appendix includes ideas for teachers using these models in the classroom.


Rick Rhodes said…
Fay's book is coming out in 2008, rather than 2005 as Jim's post indicates. (Jim's love for vintage video games makes him live in a virtual time warp). :)

Later on, I'll post some videos of Fay's robots.

Although Fay's book is geared to young teens and older pre-teens, there are several models in the book that even adult geeks will enjoy.

Oops... did I write 2005??

Fay, better get writing FASTER!

Also, I didn't mean to imply adults wouldn't have fun with the book - trust me that I love watching the videos of her robots and I think she's got some great stuff for all ages.

BlueToothKiwi said…
Hey Fay,
All the best with the new book :)


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