FLL Challenge Kickoff Today

Today is the day! On FLL's USA website, they have a news bulletin announcing that today at 12:00 (EDT), they will be releasing the 2007 Power Puzzle challenges. From their website:

Challenge Kickoff - Join us here on September 5th at Noon (EDT) for the unveiling of the Challenge. Please note: once the Challenge is launched, it will be available for you to revisit at anytime.


UPDATE: The challenge kickoff has been released, and is available here.

UPDATE 2: Shortcut to the Q&A for official responses to questions here.


Ethan Steckmann said…
Ya yippie run around in circles scream with joy FLL 2007 has begun and I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FLL Mentor

blueRay 2394 (2006)

it is so cool

missions are really weird and cool!!!


brazil's team coach
NXTMonger said…
I have to say I agree with Ethan. Except even more so.

A.E.R.O. Cows #86
Ethan Steckmann said…
No one in the whole world is more exsited then me :)


ps make sure that you all watch the videos of each of the missions very cool
im so excited too

man... it is wonderful

i wanna play now on the table!!!
Having read over the mission explanations, I have a few predictions:

1. This FLL year's challenge is going to be FUN!!!

2. Some of the mission instructions are a little vague (or is it just me?)... I expect plenty of rules clarifications to come... hopefully sooner than later.

3. Some of the missions look tough!! I can envision some odd and unique-looking robots to complete some of these.

4. I can DEFINITELY see where sensors could come in handy this year - last year, sensors were almost non-existent in most NXT-based robots... but I think that's going to change this year.

Good luck to ALL TEAMS. And have fun... just know that there are a ton of adults out here who are extremely envious (BUT happy for you).
Anonymous said…
Here's a question about a rule.

Software: The robot must be programmed using LEGO software as supplied in LEGO sets only (any platform, any release).

How does this affect RoboLab? I guess the definition of 'LEGO sets' is the key.

Keep reading down to #34:

34. Challenge Questions/Support For official answers to questions about the Robot Game part of the Challenge, including rulings on special strategies or situations, e-mail flltech@usfirst.org (most efficient) or call 1-800-871-8326, x118 (less efficient). For best results, be sure you’ve read the four documents listed above, under the READ THIS FIRST rule.
When e-mailing, be sure to put “Challenge” in the subject line, and please state your role on the team (member, coach, parent, mentor). When calling, please first leave your contact information slowly, your role on the team, and YOUR QUESTION on voicemail. NOTE: flltech does not answer questions about building or programming the robot (that’s your Challenge).
NOTE: The FLL International Forum is great for sharing ideas and getting tips from each other, but it is NOT AN OFFICIAL SOURCE OF ANSWERS about anything. NOTE: flltech can not support LEGO product.
For NON-game-related technical support for LEGO product (RIS, RoboLab, NXT), call 1-866-349-5346.
I posted the above response only because I don't want The NXT STEP to become the place to be asking questions - go through the official channels, please :)


Micah E. said…
1. This FLL year's challenge is going to be FUN!!!

You must be physic, I never could have predicted that... :o)

Where can the video's of the missions be found?
Micah E. said…

Looking at the video's, I keep wondering why we don't just use a big stick to do all of the missions:D
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I deleted your comment because it was uncalled for and quite nasty. Catpit Contractor was clearly joking about using a big stick, no doubt because the video made it look so easy. He wasn't, in any way, bragging or trying to put down teams that don't have much experience.

Unknown said…
can we use pneumatics?
Anonymous said…
Re: Pneumatics. If you read section 7 of the official rules on the FLL website, it states that pneumatics are allowed. This section clearly lists the items that are and are not allowed so it's definitely worth a careful reading.

PS, it's a good idea for coaches to take along a printout of the rules, missions, etc to your tournament, because sometimes the referees are not as familiar with the rules (they're volunteers, after all) and having the printout may help you out if you end up in a friendly discussion about what is allowed.


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